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  • What makes a good keynote speaker?
  • The benefits of hiring a keynote speaker for an event
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If your business seems to be stuck in a rut, or your team – though competent – is struggling to deliver, maybe it’s time to reconsider your managing skills or hire a professional who will help you observe things from a different angle. Hiring a keynote speaker might help organisations reach new heights, and this is becoming a common practice in the business world. While there’s a misconception that keynote speakers are people who get paid enormous amounts of money just to deliver a speech, the reality is much different, as it’s not just any speech.

So, what do keynote speakers really do? In short, they’re professionals who provide relevant expertise on a particular topic. Whether the speech is 40 minutes or longer, the objective remains the same: showing attendees how to approach any given project or problem in such a way as to accomplish their goals faster and more efficiently. What’s more, these experts know how to encourage others to develop new ideas, which, in return, contributes to the company’s growth.

What makes a good keynote speaker?

Not everyone, however, can be a good keynote speaker. To deliver memorable and engaging speeches, speakers need to possess several valuable skills. First and foremost, keynote speakers are great storytellers. Through storytelling, a speaker can offer informative, but also memorable lessons to the audience, and allow them to relate to those lessons. Besides being great storytellers, keynote speakers should also be highly adaptable. This means their speeches need to be adjusted to the audience. For example, if the company operates only within the healthcare industry, there’s no point in taking examples from the agriculture sector (unless the audience can get some use out of it). Whenever speaking to a new audience, keynote speakers should carefully adjust their speaking style and the messages they deliver.

Another skill that makes an excellent keynote speaker is being brief and concise. There’s no need for over-explaining the topic. Before delivering any speech, they should ask themselves “What does the audience already know, and what do they need to know?” Such questions can help deliver a to-the-point lecture and, at the same time, ensure they remain focused on the subject matter. Often overlooked, having a sense of humour can contribute to gaining attention from the attendees. Adding a bit of humour will make any presentation more lively, which will improve the overall audience experience. This is particularly helpful in the corporate world that’s often regarded as serious and strict.

The benefits of hiring a keynote speaker for an event

Despite living in the technological era, some businesses are still reluctant to change. But keynote speakers can help them realise that relying solely on traditional business models can cause damage to their business. For instance, keynote lectures can inspire them to accept innovative ideas and implement new methods into their organisation to achieve better long-term results. Keynote speakers can provide a fresh perspective on today’s business practices and recommend solutions to modernise business models, no matter the size of the company or the industry it belongs to.

Another problem is that companies, especially large corporations consisting of various teams and departments, suffer from a lack of communication, and, consequently, exchange ideas that never venture outside the team. As a result, teams can easily get disconnected from one another. As they become, in a sense, estranged from the company’s culture and goals, they might end up underperforming and stalling the company’s growth. After all, individuals don’t become a team simply because they share the same workplace. The vision and common goals they share are what matter the most. Keynote speakers can help develop those common goals and inspire them to think outside the box and better communicate ideas. Not only will this increase collaboration across the company, but it will also allow its employees to make better-informed decisions quickly.

Keynote speakers deliver inspiring lectures

We’re living in the age of disruption, with technology changing the way we live, work, and run business. For enterprises and organisations to survive and thrive, it’s imperative to take their digital transformation more seriously. Though starting a digital transformation can seem like a risky investment, staying ahead of the tech curve is the right way to go, so it is important to engage an expert who’s well-acquainted with the topic that’s relevant for the given company or organisation.

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Delivering exciting lectures on some of the hottest technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, AI, 3D and 4D printing, means acquiring in-depth knowledge and new perspectives on recent and future trends and their impact on various industries. As rapid developments in sectors such as healthcare, construction, and retail continue to push the boundaries of digital transformation, technology can provide us with unprecedented opportunities, and keynote speakers can help us to make the best out of this journey.

A keynote speaker will help you prepare for the future

It’s becoming increasingly common practice in the corporate world to hire people to deliver powerful and inspiring keynote speeches at events and conferences. Skilled keynote speakers can move the audience to action and educate them how to seize opportunities with confidence. By energising your staff, keynote speakers will inspire them to achieve more and get winning results for your organisation. If you feel your company is struggling to stay ahead of tech trends, try hiring a keynote speaker for your next event or business meeting. With meaningful insights, your team will be well-prepared for the future, in which falling behind the competition will be a thing of the past.

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