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Welcome to the world of tomorrow

Where technology is reshaping organisations and transforming entire industries.

In times of rapid change, having a future-ready business model is everything. Those who cannot adapt will perish – but those who did their homework will drive the future of their industry. Here’s the thing: you don’t need to take on this challenge alone. With a Trendforce.one subscription, all the insight and knowledge you need to navigate the future will be at your fingertips. A revolution is underway – are you ready for it?

The latest trends, future scenarios and ecosystems

Our world-class team identifies the latest trends, shedding light on what they are, what they mean, and offering insight into how to harness them to your advantage – all in accessible and easy-to-digest formats. Here are a few of the many topics we’re currently researching.


Your toolkit for responding to disruption

Access the latest microtrends, cases and statistics, so that you can make well-informed decisions about the future of your business. Our tailored future intelligence research ensures you get exactly the right information you need for success.

Future visions

Build inspiration with great scenarios

We will compile, explain, and deliver forecasts and future scenarios from the world’s leading scientists, specialists, and industry leaders. Enjoy a second, third, fourth, and fifth opinion about how to prepare your enterprise for tomorrow.


Work with the best experts in the world to solve your challenges

Gain access to global innovation ecosystems within your industry. By connecting with the startups, universities and trailblazing organisations that are leading the charge, you can share in their expertise and wield cutting-edge solutions.

Future proofing has never been easier. Subscribe today.

With a Trendforce.one subscription, you gain rolling access to the best knowledge and insights in your field or industry. In the face of uncertainty, you will know what it takes to succeed. Our dedicated intelligence team provides you ongoing access to your HR toolkit for success:

The industries we work with

We provide you with trend updates for more than 14 sectors and interest areas. If what you need is not listed, we will tailor a solution just for you.





Smart cities


Industry 4.0


Cyber Security





New Leadership

Your industry

Stay ahead of the game and let our future intelligence agents inspire you to navigate what's ahead.

No matter the field, we’ve got you covered

Gain access to our exclusive packages, expertly tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise. Benefit from our daily, monthly and quarterly updates about the trends set to shape the future in your field or area of expertise.



Internet of Things

Social Trends


3D printing


Mixed reality


Smart materials

Quantum computing





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