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Future scenarios for every organisation

Tomorrow does not need to be a mystery. Imagine being able to anticipate what’s just around the corner—and adapting your business model ahead of time. With our custom future scenarios, you can future-proof your organisation against uncertainty, allowing a smooth transition into the future.


Don’t let yourself get lost in the present

The future is promising, complex, and uncertain. With all the developments that influence the future success of your organisation, you can’t afford to focus solely on the short term. Our customised future scenarios map out all these developments, helping you understand their implications and identify the choices you can make.

Future Vision+ method

Our scenarios offer inspiration and understanding

A well-designed future scenario will help you map out the consequences of emerging developments. Trendforce’s Future Vision+ method ensures that all relevant trends and predictions are integrated into inspiring scenarios that everybody can work with. These can, of course, be developed in collaboration with your organisation.

Trendforce.one Future Vision+

It’s all in the method – so with Trendforce, you’re in safe hands. Our Future Vision+ method utilises six important steps when creating scenarios that will future-proof your organisation.



The future is complicated, so it’s important to agree on what we will (and will not) pursue. Through workshops, we will determine the appropriate starting point and how to reach the end result.



We delve into numerous global sources, activate our ecosystems, and utilise our Trendforce algorithms to fully harness all future intelligence. You can, therefore, be assured that the scenarios are based on world-class research and studies.



Over an extended period we will intensively research everything that the future scenario touches upon. We scan, analyse, and reach out to scientists and other experts. We also integrate years of Trendforce research and expertise, whilst incorporating your feedback.



In this phase, all insights are assessed for truthfulness and accuracy by our trendwatchers and futurists. Because trends and developments tend to have an effect on each other, we account for this in the development of the final scenario.



Om de toekomst volledig te kunnen begrijpen en waarderen moet je deze zelf ervaren. We brengen de toekomst met inspirerende presentaties, video’s, animaties of zelfs virtual reality tot leven, zodat jouw medewerkers, stakeholders en klanten de wereld van morgen kunnen begrijpen.



The Trendforce backcasting programme will provide you insight into the ideas and practises that need to be implemented to arrive at the vision goal. Backcasting is a great starting point for creating and implementing an organisation-wide plan.

Let's talk about the future of your organization today.

Let’s make our future scenarios work for you

Good future scenarios provide an organisation with inspiration and direction. In this rapidly changing world, they also promote increased agility and cost savings. Moreover, they generate considerable enthusiasm among employees, customers, and stakeholders. Let’s talk about the future of your organisation today.
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