AI Readiness

Oganisations are finding themselves in a whirlwind of change.

Generative AI, the latest advancement in this field, is sending shockwaves through the business world and public sector, with significant implications for jobs, departments, industries, organisations, and business models. It all started with ChatGPT and Copilot, but the next step in generative AI will be far more extensive and impactful. The question is not if, but when generative AI will influence your organisation.

generatieve AI

Only 4% of organisations are ready for this next step

Organisations that take generative AI seriously will benefit from increased efficiency, better results, and a stronger market position. Those who lag behind will eventually become irrelevant in the rapidly changing digital landscape. Research has shown that only 4% of organisations are ready for this next step. Taking action now is crucial, but you don’t have to do it alone.


AI Readiness programme

The Trendforce AI Readiness programme is your guide to your organisation’s future. We help steer this lightning-fast and ongoing development with solutions, knowledge, skills, and inspiration. Of course, employees are also part of this generative AI transition. After all, change is a collaborative effort.

The Trendforce AI Readiness programme

The Trendforce AI Readiness programme follows the principle of starting small and ending big. This means we begin with small, achievable steps, gradually scale up, and ultimately deliver significant, impactful results. 


AI kickoff

AI is not a tool, it’s a journey that requires every part of the organisation to come together. You can do better than just accepting AI, you can thrive with it by inspiring the whole team to come along for the journey. Sometimes this can take a shift in mindset. At this pivotal moment, is here to help your organisation find the right starting point. We offer inspiration sessions to build awareness, lightning workshops to learn skills, and a clear roadmap so that your organisation isn’t just preparing for the future—it’s shaping it.


AI scan & priorities

It is quite likely that AI is already applied widely in multiple departments of the organisation. But the next step, generative AI, is new. In this phase, we help determine which internal departments (finance, sales, marketing, customer service, legal, procurement, operations, facility) and propositions (products and services) can be supported by generative AI. Of course, we will also keep a close eye on the future. New generative AI solutions emerge every single day, and since not everything can be done at once, it’s useful to set priorities and make choices. We can support you with that as well.


AI solutions programme

New generative AI tools and services are introduced daily worldwide for many activities and sectors. Keeping up with these developments is impossible. But the Trendforce AI team can help compile and implement a basic set of tools and services, both internally and externally. We can also assist in discovering ongoing updates, case studies, and examples to keep the solutions programme up-to-date and identify new opportunities.


AI process, risks, and ethics

Generative AI offers great opportunities but also presents risks and challenges. We must proactively address these concerns and incorporate solutions into our strategy from the outset. Which departments and employees will work with this technology? And how will we go about it? In this phase, we’ll help answer these questions. We’ll also offer support in developing an ethical framework necessary to deploy generative AI safely.


AI pilots, updates, and inspiration

Following the principle of ‘starting small and ending big’, it’s wise to begin with several smaller pilots in different departments. The results are collected and improved. Then, updates and new generative AI solutions are added. The developments in generative AI are relevant to everyone, which is why the results in this phase are shared with employees and stakeholders in an inspiring way.


AI scaling and continuous improvement

Once the pilots are completed, the new normal can be gradually scaled up. The various departments in the organisation are now inspired, becoming accustomed to the idea, and ready for the new way of working. Additionally, ongoing experimentation and discovery will be necessary. In the years ahead, generative AI will drive even more profound changes for organisations. But rest assured, the Trendforce AI team will be there every step of the way to provide guidance and support.

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The AI program can be customized to meet the needs of internal departments, developments, or relevant sectors.

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