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Organisations are evolving to become future-ready, posing a significant challenge to HR managers. What does tomorrow’s workforce look like? What are the latest trends and innovations in talent sourcing, discovery & recruitment? How can HR augment an organisation looking to transform itself? How can you leverage emerging technologies like generative AI to achieve better outcomes?

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Knowing which trends are important can be challenging. Learn continuously from HR experts, startups, and scientists, and gain insights into the latest trends and developments. Our subscription puts all the knowledge you need to navigate through the future of HR at your fingertips.

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Unlock insights into HR microtrends as they emerge. Build strategies from practical case studies. Use the latest aggregated statistics to make informed decisions about your future business direction.

Future visions

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Our offerings include the analysis and presentation of predictions and future scenarios by some of the world’s most influential scientists, experts, and industry leaders.

HR Ecosystems

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Explore global HR innovation ecosystems and tap into the expertise of international experts who are reshaping the world of HR.

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By subscribing to, you will situate yourself on the cutting edge of HR knowledge and foresight. The world of HR may be changing, but we can serve as your guiding light. Our dedicated HR intelligence team is hard at work delivering a toolkit for tomorrow that you can rely on. Benefit from regular updates that bring clarity to the latest trends and technologies.

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We provide the insights you need to navigate the future. Enjoy our unique free demo. You will instantly see an inspiring overview of what we offer.

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We scan thousands of sources, delve into scientific studies, and connect with global HR specialists every single week. We curate this information with insights and explanations, shaping it into easy-to-digest content that fully informs you on the trend at hand. From day one you can enjoy the following benefits:

Brought to you by renowned futurist Richard van Hooijdonk

Trendforce was founded by renowned futurist and keynote speaker Richard van Hooijdonk. Van Hooijdonk has travelled the world, delivering inspiring lectures to over 600,000 people at some of the world’s largest organisations. He doesn’t just want to learn about the future, he wants to experience it first-hand — that’s why he has received several chip implants to date. Van Hooijdonk’s decision to launch the service was influenced by extensive dialogues with HR executives from around the globe.

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