Game on! The power of gamification in education

What would happen if we applied more gaming elements in education? Well, for one, it would definitely make learning much more fun. But games can offer us many more benefits. They engage and challenge us. They inspire collaboration, ensure that we absorb and retain new information better, and enable us to progress quicker and more […]

7 important trends in education

Big data and analytics Artificial intelligence Gamification Digital reality Flipped learning Makerspaces Education for sustainable development New generations will inherit the most advanced world to date, where everything is increasingly digitalised and education needs to transform along with these changes. Digital learning, incorporating technologies like big data, AI, and gamification, will provide tailor-made education that […]

Pandemic disruption is an ideal opportunity to reimagine and innovate secondary education

The pandemic’s impact on secondary education Challenging times call for remarkable innovations Visions and predictions for the future of secondary education Closing thoughts The pandemic has led to the most devastating disruptions of educational systems the world has ever seen, with school closures affecting almost 1.6 billion learners across the globe. Educators have had to […]

The rise and rise of transformational technology in higher education: AR, VR, and machine learning

A man wearing a headset is immersed in a virtual world with planet Earth floating in front of him

Augmented reality platform helps students build their own learning content and collaborate in real-time EON Reality provides AR-based safety training for chemistry lab emergencies eHospital technology helps university students practice clinical skills Machine learning and facial recognition enable students to take online exams Packback AI tool helps improve writing and class discussion skills The future […]

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