Trends for HRM organisations in changing times

Your sector or field of expertise undergoes change every single day. New things emerge, old things become irrelevant. Trendforce provides organisations with up-to-date HRM trends packages to keep you current when the world around you is transforming.

Is your organisation truly prepared for our changing times?

The emergence of new trends and technology means that in order for organisations to survive and grow, they need to be willing to adapt their models and rethink their strategies. Many companies from the ‘old economy’ will become irrelevant and disappear because they do not do this. Others will emerge and grow exponentially.

Trendforce fortifies your organisation against disruption, providing a wealth of information and inspiration – a guiding light during challenging times.

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Take a peek into the future of HRM

Human resource management is at the beating heart of every great organisation, and it is about to be transformed. The changes of tomorrow are already upon us – some of them are going to blow your mind.

What you’ll get

You’ll receive access to cutting-edge, informative HRM trends packages, with daily, monthly and quarterly instalments.

Future workplace

Future workforce

Emerging work models



New skills

New leadership



Your future intelligence

We like details. You can count on us to provide all the latest relevant trends, statistics and case studies. We use these to provide high-quality market predictions. We will also provide you with opportunities to acquaint yourself with innovative startups and ecosystems.
HRM trends
Gain access to knowledge about the latest developing trends in technology and thinking happening within the HRM sphere. This will equip you to develop the right vision for your enterprise, make great decisions and enter into valuable collaborations.
HRM statistics
National and global HRM research and statistics will be at your fingertips – including invaluable insights into the economy, innovations, and the transforming role of technology within HRM.
HRM forecasts
We will compile and explain forecasts and analyses from the world’s leading scientists, trendwatchers, specialists and leaders. You will have a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion about how to transition your HRM towards a bright tomorrow.
HRM case studies
We’ll provide the opportunity to learn from invaluable HRM case studies and experiments. These will offer insight into how innovation is being handled by others in your field of expertise.
HRM startups
Meet the startups, innovators and scientists that are already set to shape the future of HRM. Be inspired, get excited, and get ready to collaborate.
HRM ecosystems
Become acquainted with the innovation ecosystems operating within HRM today. Embark on exciting collaborations that will provide fresh knowledge, new solutions and great insights.

How you’ll get it

Our HRM trend package comes in a variety of formats, all of which are easy to digest. Every week, you will receive a rundown on current trends in HRM, in addition to comprehensive quarterly updates. Included in the quarterly update is a meticulously-researched report, inspiring visual slides, a webinar, and a Q&A session.


A compact and clear overview of important developments is essential for understanding change. To ensure you are equipped with the right information, we will provide a comprehensive quarterly report. These invaluable documents will offer a thorough snapshot of the state of HRM, accounting for major trends, case studies, forecasts, and more.

Slide decks

It isn’t just important to have the right information on important developments and future visions. It’s essential to be able to convey it the right way. Drawing upon our research, we create useful and inspiring PowerPoint presentations, which you can use in internal meetings to enlighten, inform and inspire.

Trend updates

Using our real-time systems, our analysts will source and substantiate information on important developments and provide you with valuable updates.


Our quarterly webinars are designed to provide comprehensive information about everything currently happening within HRM, in an engaging and inspiring format.

Q&A sessions

We also offer enlightening Q&A sessions with our talented in-house specialists to provide in-depth insights, explanations and analyses of the state of HRM.

Who We Are is a future intelligence research agency comprising almost 30 bright and talented individuals. We have offices around the world – in Amsterdam, Karachi and Sarajevo, with more to come in the future. Our CEO is renowned international speaker, trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk, who founded in 2016 in response to countless requests for more information about the future of business.

Our research focuses on cutting-edge developments in technology, trends and thinking across every industry. We consult with thousands of global sources, and we have regular contact with scientists, startups and innovation partners. Our teams are bolstered by artificial intelligence algorithms, which streamline the processes of spotting and data analysis. We are on a journey into the future

Why Trendforce Foresight+?

We have the experience and the knowledge required to see businesses through challenging periods of transition, and our comprehensive packages are designed to streamline the entire process for you.

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