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New trends and technological developments have a major impact on organisations’ right to exist. Existing organisations, companies and even entire industries are disappearing. Adjusting on time is now more important than ever. We provide the knowledge required for this. Trendforce.one keeps you informed, so you can adjust on time. Your own research team for an accessible monthly fee.

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The latest trends and cases

The latest trends, case studies and statistics within your industry

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Statistics that provide insight

We collect interesting statistics that give insight into innovations and technologies in your market

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Valuable whitepapers

We collect and write interesting whitepapers that you can use to develop your company strategy

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Startups, innovative organisations
and universities

You’ll receive monthly startups, organisations, and universities from whom you can learn and with which you can collaborate

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PowerPoint presentations

We offer ready-made presentations that you can give and share within your organisation

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Inspiring workshops

Valuable workshops that will enable your organisation to learn and transform

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You receive research that is specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation

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Experienced research team

Our researchers and analysts have years of experience

We present all the important developments to you on a monthly basis

From € 900,- per month


Four exclusive service offerings for organisations that want to be future-proof


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A initiative of Trendwatcher, Futurist and Topspeaker Richard van Hooijdonk

Why are we so good at what we do?

Trendforce.one is an initiative of Richard van Hooijdonk. He is the most sought-after trendwatcher and futurist in the Netherlands. With his talented team, consisting of over 20 specialists, he has been researching innovative trends and important developments for many years, and presents his findings to a global audience. This 'future intelligence' team is now available for your future.

Our unique 'future research system’ allows us to source information - in nearly real-time - that’s important to your future. We then analyse and deliver our findings in an easy-to-understand format and in clear, direct language, including predictions and future scenarios.

Our experience and expertise is recognised worldwide.

Inspiring keynotes

Professional research team

Our 'future research team’ is experienced, well-trained and has a scientific background

We are frequently in touch with universities, scientists and innovative institutions and research over 2,000 international sources and current scientific publications on a daily basis. We select the most relevant micro trends, make the connections and provide you with information and inspiration that is of interest and relevant to you.