Inspiring masterclass for managers

AI in practice: making AI work for your organisation

AI — artificial intelligence — is hot. But what exactly does it entail and how can organisations benefit from these promising developments? Experience the world of artificial intelligence in our immersive masterclass. Throughout this session, you’ll gain clarity from detailed explanations, be introduced to bold predictions, and benefit from hands-on examples and methodical plans, all curated for the unique needs of your organisation or sector. After this masterclass you will be fully up to speed with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of AI and well prepared to guide your organisation into the future. Are you ready?


What exactly does AI entail?

What is AI? How did it originate and what’s its current status? While there are several kinds of AI, generative AI stands out. In what ways is generative AI different from other AI forms and why do we differentiate between them? Which new advancements should we keep an eye on?


The impact of AI on various sectors

Many industries have already integrated AI. Which effects have been most significant, and which examples have left a mark? What will a future driven by AI look like? What are the possible gains, and which hurdles should we anticipate?


How is AI implemented within organisations?

Which business processes are suitable for (generative) AI? How does AI benefit product development, marketing, sales, customer service, finance, legal, HRM and other departments? What are AI’s main advantages? Learn from current applications in various business processes.


How can you deploy AI within your organisation?

During this part of the masterclass you will discover how AI can be successfully implemented in your sector or field of expertise. Our team of researchers, trendwatchers, and futurists will pinpoint and highlight examples that align with your organisation’s needs. We’ll consult with specialists and organisations in your industry and adjacent or relevant subject areas — both local and international — who have already incorporated AI, explore case study evaluations, and identify potential opportunities.


The importance of human-AI collaboration

People will continue to play a unique, essential and irreplaceable role in various organisational processes. But what exactly will that role be? And how can we combine human intelligence with AI technologies? How can we take advantage of AI’s unique skills to enable humans to flourish and achieve better results?


Ethical considerations when using AI

When deciding to implement AI in your organisation, being proactive about understanding potential ethical challenges is essential. How can you identify and address these ethical implications? By examining organisations that have adopted AI, we’ll gain insights into their risk mitigation strategies and learn how they’ve integrated AI into their business operations.
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The roadmap for a successful implementation of AI

The implementation of AI impacts all aspects of an organisation, including employees, customers and business relations. A well-thought-out plan, in which you identify your stakeholders, determine the impact, and develop appropriate steps, is therefore critical. What does such a roadmap look like and how can you develop an approach that best suits your organisation? Identifying the key knowledge required to train the employees in your organisation can be challenging. In this masterclass, you’ll establish the groundwork for your strategy.
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Questions and answers

Q&A sessions are an important part of the masterclass, as they enable participants to ask questions, examine their own concerns, and determine the crucial (pre)conditions for their organisation. Of course these sessions take place in a laid-back setting where open discussions are encouraged. Our Q&A aims to provide clarity and insight, benefiting both employees and managers.


Workshop (follow-up option)

The workshop offers an excellent opportunity to collectively analyse the information and establish a consensus on the action plan. With the information still fresh in mind and through dialogue, we can promptly craft concrete plans, establish mindsets, gain support, and devise solutions. The group effect of a workshop positively contributes to the change process that needs to start afterwards, and provides a good starting point. During the workshop, our team will be eager to inspire, mentor, and guide you towards a future where AI is tailored to your needs.

Stay ahead of the game and let our future intelligence agents inspire you to navigate what's ahead.

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