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We show you what’s working in the global HR industry. Concise, digestible content that you can apply to your team and your organisation.

The future of HR revolves around new skills, digital, and AI. Are you prepared?

Organisations are evolving, and HR managers are facing significant challenges. What does the workforce of the future look like? What are the latest trends and innovations in talent sourcing, discovery & recruitment? How can HR lead the organisation into the future? How do you leverage AI to achieve better outcomes?

HRM trends that matter

We ensure that you can continue learning from HR experts, startups, and scientists, and gain insights into the latest trends and developments. A subscription puts all the knowledge you need to navigate through the future of HR at your fingertips.
We don’t just provide the latest HR trends; we also offer inspiring future scenarios and ecosystems
Cross-platform sourcing and how it works

HR Trends

Your HR-toolkit to respond to disruptions

Unlock insights into the most recent HR microtrends, practical case studies, and statistical data, enabling you to make informed decisions about the future direction of your business.
Road to recovery: How the finance sector can bounce back from the pandemic

Future visions

Let our compelling HR scenarios inspire you

Our offerings include the analysis and presentation of predictions and future scenarios by some of the world’s most influential scientists, experts, and industry leaders.

HR ecosystems

Collaborate with the world’s foremost HR experts

Explore global HR innovation ecosystems and tap into the expertise of international experts who are reshaping the field of HR.

Brought to you by renowned futurist, trendwatcher, and international speaker Richard van Hooijdonk

Trendforce was founded by Richard van Hooijdonk. This renowned futurist, keynote speaker, and trendwatcher has several chip implants and is an authority on HR trends and new HR technology. He inspired more than 600,000 people and HR managers globally on the future of HR. Van Hooidonk’s decision to launch the Trendforce.one service was influenced by extensive dialogues with HR executives from around the globe.

Looking into the future

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By subscribing to Trendforce.one, you’re stepping into the forefront of HR knowledge and foresight. In times of significant change, we’ll keep you informed about the new world. Our inspirational ‘future intelligence’ team provides you with access to this unique HR-future-toolkit.

Immediate benefits you'll receive with our subscription

We show you what’s working in the global HR industry. Concise, digestible content that you can apply to your team and your organisation.

Immediate benefits you'll receive with our subscription

We scan thousands of sources, delve into scientific studies, and connect with global HR specialists on a daily basis. We enhance this information with our insights and explanations and shape it into digestible content that captures the most recent HR trends. Gaining access to this information offers you the following benefits:

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