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We offer a complete package of world-class services which help companies and organisations transition into the future. We carefully analyse data to forecast the needs of tomorrow. With our intelligence, you will have the best knowledge available to make smart, insight-driven decisions for your business. Foresight+ is your window into the future of the enterprise.

Weekly trend updates

Things change every day in your sector and you need to be prepared. Using our real-time systems, our analysts will carefully select information on important and ongoing developments to provide you with an indispensable update every Monday.

Start every week feeling well-informed and inspired by us.

Trends Analyses

At any given time, a number of different trends in technology and thinking will be having an impact on your enterprise – and the sector at large. We have several different criteria for assessing these. We take everything into account, then process our findings into a clear future matrix for you to analyse.


A compact and clear overview of important developments is essential for understanding change. To ensure you are equipped with the right information, we will provide a comprehensive quarterly report. These invaluable documents will provide a thorough snapshot of all of the most important trends, forecasts, case studies, stats, startups, innovative organisations and visions for the future. These can be delivered to you in the format of your choosing – printed, online, or in your preferred file format.

Slide decks

It isn’t just important to have the right information on important developments and future visions. It’s also essential to be able to convey it the right way. Drawing upon our research, we create useful and inspiring slides for presentations, which you can use in internal meetings to enlighten, inform and inspire.

Q&A sessions

We offer invaluable Q&A sessions with our in-house specialists to provide in-depth insights and explanations to your questions. External guests will often join us to offer their unmatched expertise.

Foresight+ keynotes, webinars & events

The future is inspiring. We offer engaging and entertaining keynotes, masterclasses and webinars which can be held within your organisation. These provide support, encourage involvement, and spark ideas – a great basis for kicking off the future of your enterprise. All meetings are hosted by our CEO – international speaker, trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk.


When leading your company into the future, consulting with experts is often essential. Their knowledge and experience can show you a new perspective, and the ability to collaborate with innovative specialists, companies, and startups is always valuable. Sometimes a change of culture is necessary to forge a new path.

Trendforce helps you make the right judgments when planning the next steps for your organisation.

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