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Around the world, there are countless innovative companies, startups, scientists and specialists who are accelerating progress in your industry or field of work. We understand the complexity of keeping on top of it all – discovering it, compiling it, analysing it. The Trendforce Foresight+ programme was designed to provide a package of comprehensive assistance.


Having a smart understanding of current and future trends will enable you to make a quality forecast for the future of your business. Our information will help you develop the right vision, make better strategic decisions, capitalise on cutting-edge opportunities, and enter lucrative partnerships.

We analyse a wide array of trends in technology and thinking which will impact your sector or field of expertise. Whether it’s robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, or something else entirely – all the information you need will be at your fingertips.

Case studies

Case studies and experiments by organisations and other entities in your sector constantly inform our analysis, providing invaluable insights into how your competitors are dealing with innovation.

They constitute essential knowledge – helping us to learn from the successes and failures of others, providing substantiation for theories, and providing the lead-off point for new insights and innovations. Save money on your own in-house research, and embrace smarter, speedier change.

Future visions

Forecasting is essential, allowing enterprises to make informed decisions about their future and develop effective, data-driven strategies. You can plan the next move, recognise which measures are necessary for future growth, and develop smart short- and long-term goals.

We will track down and compile the most valuable forecasts for you, from the best sources: scientists, specialists, trendwatchers, futurists and leaders from all over the world. We then augment them with careful analysis, elaborating on and contextualising them, so that you have unparallelled understanding when building your enterprise’s future.

Startups, innovative organisations and ecosystems

The organisation of the future is a finely-tuned ecosystem, receiving innovation from both inside and outside. External specialists, scientists and startups will all contribute to your success.

We will source and provide valuable insights from near and far – startups, innovative organisations, universities and more, for you to learn from, and collaborate with.


Statistical analysis is integral to any business. Access to data allows for insight into future opportunities, and ensures that business planners are making reliable forecasts for future growth.

We will compile the very best data for you, and interpret it too. National and global research, and statistics, will be at your fingertips – including indispensable insights into the economy, innovations, and the transforming role of technology in your sector. Our data analysis is designed to help your company grow and thrive in the future.

Looking into the future is crucial

Lasting enterprises ensure their longevity by monitoring technological developments and innovations, and adjusting their business strategies in order to remain future-proof. Responding in a timely manner to change is essential, but often, analysing and implementing new innovations takes a lot of time.

A slow response can be a costly one, and you may lose influence and market share to your cutting-edge competitors. Lack of access to good research and analysis can be even more costly, however, and lead you to invest in the wrong innovation.

We are here to keep you on the right path with a continuous stream of carefully-sourced knowledge.

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