Our approach

At Trendforce, we value an inspired and orderly working methodology. This process allows us to provide the right knowledge in a smart and effective way, so that we know your organisation has everything it needs. Here is a glimpse into how we do it.
It all starts with scoping. We collect a wide variety of information and experiences from your organisation, then determine the working method, starting point, limits and expectations.
Next, we define the basis for the scanning process. We activate knowledge sources, search systems and configure algorithms. Subsequently, we establish contact with institutions and individuals from our vast future intelligence ecosystem.
The future intelligence team then goes to work investigating all mega- and micro-trends, case studies, visions, statistics, startups, ecosystems, competitors, and labs that are relevant to your enterprise. Search trackers are installed during this research to provide regular updates. We also enter discussions with specialists from our ecosystem during this phase.
Forecasting & scenarios
During the forecasting phase, all information is organised according to relevance and timelines. We also develop some directions for hypothetical future scenarios during this phase. You can also benefit from an overview of the ‘drivers of change’, as well as factors of uncertainty and ‘moving targets’.
Having amassed a wealth of information, trends, scenarios and developments, we begin to process this information into various visual formats; including videos, animations and images. These visualisations bring the future vision to life, inspiring employees and management alike.
Strategy, planning & acting
Our team of experts offers assistance in decision-making, providing internal inspiration and additional information. Working together with employees and external experts who take care of the implementation, your enterprise takes a daring step into the future.
Maintaining up-to-the-minute awareness is essential for an agile organisation. That’s why our future intelligence team provides regular updates and real-time reports based on our ‘signals of change’. These indispensable updates keep you informed – in case strategies ever need to be tweaked. They are lively, highly-readable documents, which can also serve as a source of inspiration for your employees.

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