Knowledge and inspiration for every organisation in dynamic times

Get the latest information, analysis, statistics, case studies, innovations, startups, and future predictions to stay updated with the major trends that would impact the future of your organisation

You will get up-to-date future intelligence to help your business prepare and survive any big disruption

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“Where are we headed?”

That is one question every organisation must ask, especially in an environment as change-centric as ours.

Organisations have entered a new era characterised by rapid, dramatic, and turbulent changes. The accelerated pace of change has transformed how employees in diverse organisations perform work.

Change has indeed become an inherent and integral
part of organisational life.

But what do these changes mean for the future of your business?

Several emerging trends are impacting organisational life. These emerging trends create tensions for corporate leaders and employees as they go through waves of organisational changes.

These tensions present opportunities and threats, and if mismanaged, they will result in dysfunctional and dire organisational outcomes at the end of any change process.

Are organisations genuinely prepared for the major trends that would impact their business and operation?

The emergence of new trends and technology means industries and organisations need to rethink their strategy and business models to survive and grow. Many companies from the ‘old economy’ will disappear while others will grow faster than ever before.

Are you able to make the right decisions during challenging times? Are you equipped with the latest trends and technology to help you prepare for any future disruption? Trendforce provides the information and inspiration to help you with this.

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Who We Are & What We Do

At Trendforce, we provide organisations with the proper knowledge and inspiration to adapt in dynamic times.

A subscription gives you access to up-to-date innovation packages that are specifically tailored to your sector.

You’ll receive the latest trends, analyses, statistics, case studies, innovations, startups, and future predictions that are relevant to you four times a year.

Our Services

With Trendforce Foresight+, we offer a sophisticated method to secure your organisation’s future.

Trendforce Foresight+ is available in several formats. Four times a year, you will receive an extensive update from us with the following components:



Every month, you will receive a scan of the developments that are important to your business



You will receive a report of the most important trends, case studies, statistics, startups and innovative organisations and visions for the future four times a year


Foresight+ powerpoints

We will package significant developments into inspiring PowerPoint presentations for internal meetings


Foresight+ Matrix

We will identify trends that can impact your business, then work together with employees from your organisation to develop a good vision and planning


Foresight+ Q&A sessions

We will host engaging Q&A sessions with Trendforce specialists. During these meetings, external guests regularly join us to answer some specific questions


Foresight+ Webinars, seminars & events

We will provide support and ideas via webinar hosted by our CEO, Trendwatcher & Futurist Richard van Hooijdonk


Foresight+ Consultancy

We will direct the steps needed to get your organisation ready for the future

With Trendforce Foresight+, you are ready for the future.

Why Choose
Trendforce Foresight+?


The information is excellent input for product and business development


You can inspire customers and prospects with our information and inspiration


With our information you can develop a better vision of the future


You can better substantiate your plans to management and executives


The quality of the decisions you take is better because there is more knowledge available


Organizations do not have to invest in a research team themselves


A Trendforce foresight+ coach is available to answer your questions


You save costs because you can experiment and invest in a more targeted way, resulting in higher profits and turnover


The information is excellent input for product and business development


You receive no less than six updates per year


The Foresight+ updates are inspiring for the organisation. It gives energy and a future perspective


You can respond faster to changes

According to Harvard, 80% of all innovations fail because the right information is not there. Make sure this does not happen to you. And we are here to help you all the way.


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Your industry or field of work changes every day. That’s why you’ll receive an up-to-date overview of important developments every Monday. Using our real-time systems, our analysts select information that will help you start the week inspired.

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Trendforce Foresight+ is an initiative of trend watcher & futurist Richard van Hooijdonk