Our intelligence

Around the world, innovative companies, startups, scientists, and specialists are making progress within your industry or field of work.

We understand the complexity of discovering and analysing this information. We’ve developed our Trendforce Foresight+ programme to assist you with this.





Future visions


Organisations that can think ahead will be prepared to take advantage of rapid social and technological developments.


The ability to understand current and upcoming trends will enable you to forecast the future of your business. It will help you develop the right vision, make better strategic decisions, capitalise on business opportunities, and enter into valuable partnerships.

We analyse many technology trends that play a role within your sector or field of ​​expertise. We study the latest developments in, for instance, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, and many other trends that have an impact on your organisation.


We also analyse case studies of and experiments by organisations in your sector or field of expertise. These provide insight into the way in which organisations deal with innovation.

Case studies are valuable: they help us learn from the successes and failures of others, are an important way to illustrate theories, and often lead to innovative ideas and new insights. This saves unnecessary costs and enables you to change more rapidly.

Startups, innovative organisations and ecosystems

The organisation of the future is an ecosystem, which means you receive innovations from specialists outside the organisation and perhaps from abroad. Startups, innovative companies, and scientists all contribute to your future.

We will provide you with insights into startups, innovative organisations, and universities to learn from and collaborate with.

Future visions

Forecasting is valuable to businesses because it offers the ability to make informed decisions and develop data-driven strategies. It helps you plan the next steps for your business, gain a clear understanding of what measures need to be implemented for growth, and enables you to develop smart short-term and long-term goals.

Scientists, specialists, trendwatchers, futurists, and leaders from all over the world share their forecasts about and analyses of the future. We will find and list the most valuable ones for you, analyse them, elaborate on them, and add context so that they can offer direction and guidance.


Statistical analysis is integral to any business. Access to data helps gain insight into future opportunities and helps with business planning on the basis of sound forecasts. Statistics can help a business deal with uncertainty by predicting cyclic, seasonal, and economic fluctuations.

There is ongoing international research into important current issues, such as the economy, innovations, transformation, and the role of technology within your sector. We collect and interpret valuable statistics that will help your company grow and thrive over time.

Looking into the future is crucial

Many organisations monitor technological developments and innovations that could have an impact on their business, so that they can respond on time. Analysing and understanding these developments and implementing new innovations, however, takes a lot of time. 

Yet, responding too late can have serious consequences. It’s already clear that new technologies or innovative suppliers can lead to the redundancy of a good product or service, or result in lost market share.

What’s more, many expensive innovations fail due to inadequate access to relevant information. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

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