Do you know what the future of your organization looks like?

HRM Foresight+ inspires you with the right knowledge, so that you can successfully change
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Technological developments have a major impact on the success and existence of organizations. A good vision of the future is important and timely adjustments are crucial. We provide the information needed for this. Totally up to date and tailored to your organization.


With HRM Foresight+ you control the future.

HRM Trends

You will have acces to technology trends that are in play within the HRM sector. With this knowledge you can develop the right vision, make the right decision or enter into valuable collaborations.

HRM cases & experiments

We let you learn from HRM cases and experiments of organizations. These provide insight into how people deal with innovations.

Future visions for HRM

We offer predications and vision from scientists, specialists, trend watchers, futurists and leaders worldwide and provide them with an explanation and context.

HRM Statistics

You will have access to current international and national statistics including economics, innovation, transformation and the role of technology within HRM.

HRM Startups, innovative companies and ecosystems

We introduce you to startups, innovative companies and scientists that contribute to your future. From then you can learn and collaborate.

HRM is changing at a rapid pace.

Globally, we expect over 200 billion (billion) smart devices to be connected by 2030. Hyperintelligent systems with self-learning algorithms make decisions and can calculate and distribute data at great speed.

This development will impact all industries, companies and organizations. From factories to agricultural companies. From hospital to accountant, from government to transport company, from police to education and from healthcare to retail.


Everywhere we see the emergence of new products, services, jobs, business models and processes. #replacement products?

What topics we cover

Future skills

The future workplace

AI matching

Quantified worker

Knowledge management

Digital collaboration

Digital recruitment

Ecosystems and platforms

Collaborative learning

Health & wellbeing

Online employer branding



Digital sourcing

New leadership

and more …

HRM Foresight+

Our method for unravelling the future of HRM.






Trendforce foresight+

With our information you can develop a better vision of the future of hRM

You can better substantiate your plans to management and executives

The information is excellent input for product and business development

You save costs because you can experiment and invest in a more targeted way, resulting in higher profits and turnover

The quality of the decisions you take is better because there is more knowledge available

You can respond faster to changes

Organizations do not have to invest in a research team themselves

The foresight+ updates are inspiring for the organization. It gives energy and future perspective.

A HRM foresight+ coach is available to answer your questions

Trendforce Foresight+ is an initiative of trendwatcher & futurist Richard van Hooijdonk