Uber’s new feature allows users to request a silent ride

Sometimes, taking a ride back home after a long day at work can be quite relaxing – but not if you end up with a driver that’s really chatty. Luckily, Uber created a solution for this situation. This ride-hailing service released a new feature in its app that allows passengers to enjoy peace and quiet, but for a price. The feature is only available for the company’s higher-priced Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides.

Users can choose from three options: quiet preferred, happy to chat, and no preference. Once the user selects the desired option, the driver will be notified to accommodate the user’s preferences. But according to Uber’s product manager, Aydin Ghajar, selecting a quiet ride doesn’t guarantee that the customer will get one, because “The driver is an independent contractor” and Uber is “just communicating the rider’s preference”.

To stay competitive in the ride-hailing industry, companies are introducing innovative solutions

The ride-hailing industry is growing and becoming more competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, some companies are introducing new solutions to provide riders with a pleasant ride. Such solutions could make this type of transportation even more appealing to users.