Trendforce Tracks

Trendforce Tracks is a tailor-made programme for organisations that are in the midst of change. It contains unique inspirational material, valuable knowledge and great experiences to enhance the change power of employees, so that the organisation is prepared to adapt to the world of tomorrow.

Due to the emergence of new technologies, companies and organisations need to change faster than ever before. In the world of tomorrow, many organisations will no longer exist. Others benefit from the multitude of opportunities and become more successful than ever. A clear vision of the future is critical. And future scenarios are important. But how do you get management, employees and customers on board? And how should leadership change?

Change is not about technology, but about the right mindset. There is fear, resistance and legacy that we have to overcome. We do this with inspiration, knowledge and experience. Employees become the owners of progress, creating the power to change.

Inspiration TRACK

Our inspiration track provides inspiration and working methods that make an important contribution to the mindset of leaders, employees, customers and business relations.

Inspiring lectures and powerful workshops

We offer inspiring lectures and workshops for many industries. Renowned keynote speaker, trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk shows you what the world of tomorrow will look like. The latest trends are explained and discussed in detail. During the workshops, participants will get to work themselves. This is where we lay the foundation for the change of the organisation. These workshops can also be used to inspire customers and prospects.

At different levels within the organisation

The inspiring lectures and workshops are available in different levels. For example, we offer inspiring programs for management and boards of directors, while team leaders and other employees will also be stimulated and surprised.

About trends within industries

The international Trendforce research team provides updates of the latest trends, case studies and inspiring examples within many sectors. Upon request, we will delve into specific trends and developments that are important to your organisation.

About leadership and the organisation of the future

During the lectures and workshops we also pay attention to the future of leadership. Organisations need to adapt more quickly to changing circumstances. A mindset that stimulates change is required. What does the leader of tomorrow look like? Which skills are needed to prepare your organisation for the future? Participants receive insights, case studies, various examples and a clear step-by-step plan.

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Knowledge TRACK

Our knowledge track provides the information needed to understand the change and turn it into a success. The research team provides detailed future trends, analyses, case studies and examples. You also get information on innovative companies, startups and universities that can make a contribution. With this knowledge you can also inspire customers and prospects and build thought leadership.

Detailed future trends

We would like you to be able to make decisions - based on our research - that are important for the future of your organisation. Our Trendforce research team will provide you with customised research on a regular basis. We examine trends and developments that that make all the difference for the success of your organisation.

Analyses, case studies and examples

We consult hundreds of sources and exchange information with scientists. We also and find case studies that your organisation can learn from. Our experienced research team then makes the most relevant information available via your own Trendforce portal. You’ll receive summaries, articles, videos and whitepapers. Our writers, designers and video editors will ensure that you can process the information properly.

Thought leadership for customers and prospects

The future is an interesting source of inspiration for customers and prospects. They are curious about it. The future attracts readers, website visitors, leads and gives rise to a good conversation. Being inspired about this future is therefore of great importance. Thought leadership delivers brand awareness and trust. Trendforce delivers inspiring articles, whitepapers, videos and lectures that can help you with this.

Meet innovative companies, startups and universities

The organisation of tomorrow is an ecosystem. To be able to change, you’ll need to work together with startups and other innovative companies. Even scientists may play a role in the future of your organisation. Our research team continuously identifies which innovative companies will be able to inspire you and points the way to startups and scientists who can guide your organisation into the future.

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Experience TRACK

Gaining experience with the future is important. That’s why, as part of Trendforce Tracks, we offer you the opportunity to experience, pioneer and experiment.

Experience the future through company visits

Habits have formed in your current organisation. Old habits, also called legacy, make change difficult. That’s why it’s useful to regularly visit companies or organisations that have already undergone change and are inspired by young companies that have chosen to adopt a disruptive organisational structure.

Pioneer with startups

With the world changing rapidly, companies need to look for new business models. New future scenarios, new technologies, and new methods need to be developed. In that context it’s very important to pioneer with startups, grownups and innovative companies.

Experiment with new technology

To gain new insights, we need new experiences. It is an important tool to change the mindset of employees. That's why Trendforce Tracks offers employees the opportunity to experience how new technologies work. We organise experiments with virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robots, drones and many other technologies that change the world of tomorrow.

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Professional researchteam

Our 'future research team’ is experienced and well trained with a deep background in science. We are frequently in touch with universities, researchers and innovative institutions, and we research more than 2,000 international sources and current scientific publications on a daily basis. We select the most relevant micro trends, make the connections, and provide you with information and inspiration that is interesting and relevant to you.

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Trendforce is invaluable for those who want to be ready for the future

Trendforce is ideal for companies and organisations that are serious about the future and want to be prepared. While we map the future for you, you can make informed decisions and ensure your company is on the right track.

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