These four-legged robot dogs could deliver packages right to your doorstep

Over the past few years, several companies have been experimenting with autonomous delivery, but the German automotive business Continental is even more ambitious. Recently, it revealed a concept for autonomous delivery that consists of two components. The first is the Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE), an electric minibus that can be adapted to serve multiple purposes. The second is a four-legged robotic ‘dog’ called ANYMal and created by ANYbotics (a spin off from ETH Zurich), which could carry and deliver packages right to customers’ doorsteps and would be transported by CUbE.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, Continental showcased a prototype of ANYMal, which is similar to the SpotMini robot developed by Boston Dynamics. What’s great about these robots is their ability to navigate around complex environments, including steps. The robot could even ring the doorbell with one of its limbs. Although this service is still far from reality, it brings an exciting vision for the future.