The OnePulse Smartwatch keeps an eye on your health

The US-based OneLife Technologies designed a smartwatch that doesn’t need a smartphone or other device to connect to the internet. AT&T wireless connectivity that powers the device allows it to securely transmit the data it tracks – from heart rate to location to the user’s activity. The gathered data is then sent to the cloud, and anyone who has access, such as clinicians and caregivers, can check the user’s data in near real time.

“Enabling AT&T connectivity for our devices is a major step in launching our ‘Hub-of-Care’ concept in becoming a leading Population Health Platform … We all want the best healthcare possible – in an emergency, as we age, for our loved ones, or to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now, that level of service is available with the AT&T-connected OnePulse medical and health smartwatch,” notes Robert Wagner, the CEO of OneLife Technologies.