TeachFX analyses classes and measures student performance

Most teachers who rely on traditional teaching methods don’t spend enough time measuring their students’ engagement. So, it’s no wonder why such classrooms are teacher-centred, where teachers do all the talking. In fact, it’s reported that teachers talk, on average, 75 per cent of the time. What they fail to realise is that students should talk, too, and that the best way to increase engagement is by reducing teachers’ talk time. But the problem is how to determine the best timing to let students talk. An app called TeachFX makes this easy.

TeachFX, which can be accessed from a smartphone or laptop, analyses the audio of a class, automatically transcribes what’s being said, and provides relevant metrics. The app identifies how much of the class was used for discussion and the lecture, and whether students participated in the lesson. According to TeachFX’s official website, this app, which is used in over 400 schools, increases student participation by 12.6 minutes per class.