Starbucks is partnering with Microsoft to improve in-store efficiency

Advanced technologies can help retailers increase efficiency and prevent major problems. For this reason, Starbucks decided to partner with Microsoft to use its Azure Sphere tech. Azure Sphere will collect data from Starbucks’ connected machines, which will help the retailer avoid costly repairs.

IoT-enabled machines in Starbucks’ stores will collect data and “proactively identify problems”, alerting store associates on time and saving the company money on repairs. This technology will also enable Starbucks to send coffee recipes directly to the machines, which will increase efficiency compared to manual methods.

Implementing connected technology in retail stores comes with various benefits

There’s a number of possibilities for using IoT technology in the retail industry. Connected stores can provide retailers with valuable data and insights, helping them increase efficiency. Thanks to the IoT, which makes stores smarter, retailers can unlock many benefits for their business and completely change their customer experience.