San Francisco turns to RapidSOS to improve emergency response

Around 80 per cent of emergency calls now come in on cellphones, which makes it harder for emergency services to pinpoint the exact location to send first responders to, as the potential radius can be several blocks wide. The tech firm RapidSOS provides a potential solution, as its app can locate where smartphone calls come from using Apple and Google’s mapping software data. Michelle Cahn, RapidSOS’s director of community engagement, says that “the technology’s accuracy for most callers is within 10 meters”.

The company has partnered with the city of San Francisco to provide location data to public safety agencies. Also, the Uber app is using RapidSOS’s technology in its 911 assistance button.

Saving lives by providing a more accurate location data

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says that emergency services could save 10,000 lives each year if response time was reduced by just a minute. Because of that, the FCC ordered mobile carriers to provide better location data, and RapidSOS technology is able to deliver on this requirement.