Trendforce Lite

Trendforce Lite is intended for organisations that want to stay up to date with the most important developments in their industry.

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Trendforce Professional

Trendforce Professional is intended for organisations that want to actively manage future developments and get in touch with inspiring organisations and ecosystems.

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Trendforce Corporate

Trendforce Corporate is for organisations that actively drive innovation and want to receive a continuous flow of inspiring research material. In discovering the future, they involve their internal organisation and their customers.

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Trendforce Tracks

Trendforce Tracks is a tailor-made programme for organisations that are in the midst of change. It contains unique inspirational material, valuable knowledge and great experiences to enhance the change power of employees, so that the organisation is prepared to adapt to the world of tomorrow.

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Set the right course for your organisation

Trendforce is invaluable for those who want to be ready for the future

Trendforce is ideal for companies and organisations that are serious about the future and want to be prepared. While we map the future for you, you can make informed decisions and ensure your company is on the right track.

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