Trendforce Starter

Trendforce Starter is a customised program for organisations that want to change

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Trendforce Light

Trendforce Light is intended for organisations that want to stay up-to-date about the most important developments in their industry

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Trendforce Professional

Trendforce Professional is intended for organisations that want to actively manage future developments and come into contact with inspiring organisations and ecosystems

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Trendforce Executive

Trendforce Executive is intended for organisations that actively drive innovation, involve the internal organisation and their customers in discovering the future, and want to receive a continuous flow of inspiring research material

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Professional research team

Our 'future research team’ is experienced, well-trained and has a scientific background

We are frequently in touch with universities, scientists and innovative institutions and research over 2,000 international sources and current scientific publications on a daily basis. We select the most relevant micro trends, make the connections and provide you with information and inspiration that is of interest and relevant to you.