Most companies fail to deploy cybersecurity automation

A recent IBM cybersecurity survey shows that many companies lack an incident response plan. And even if they have a plan, managers fail to test it regularly. Also, more than 60 per cent of organisations say that the volume and severity of cyber incidents have increased.

IBM reveals that only 23 per cent of respondents significantly use automation tools powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and orchestration in their cybersecurity measures. Firms that use automation, however, are more confident than others in their ability to prevent, detect, respond to, and contain cyber-attacks. The low use of automated solutions is especially surprising given their potential to help many understaffed security departments to more efficiently tackle various cyber-threats.

The potential to reduce the cost of data breaches

Companies that fully use security automation measures save around $1.5 million on the total cost of a data breach, the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study shows. With this in mind, it’s evident that automation is a promising approach to online security that more and more companies are bound to adopt.