Managers value execution as the single most important leadership skill

The ability to execute defined plans and hit targets is a key leadership skill, but making impactful decisions and pushing the company forward is no easy task. Researchers Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman argue that teams can improve execution using several tactics.

Senior managers need to train their teams and provide resources, and then empower key individuals to make decisions without always seeking approval from the top. Also, meetings are notorious time-wasters and should be short and effective. It’s crucial that executives find ways to communicate regularly with their teams, encourage feedback, and be creative in presenting arguments.

Finding ways to optimise teams

Senior managers rank execution as the single most important skill on a list of 16 must-have leadership skills. And yet, many executives make mistakes that reduce the ability of their teams to perform well and move the company forward. Simple measures elaborated by Zenger and Folkman can yield great benefits for companies.