Managers need to learn how to break difficult news to employees

Layoffs, mergers, and reorganisations have devastating consequences for many employees, and managers are usually tasked with delivering the bad news. Handling that duty, however, is challenging, and it can either unsettle the remaining staff or motivate them to carry out their jobs.

Professional communicators suggest that managers should inform employees about any changes as soon as possible, because they can perceive the lack of news as bad news. Furthermore, companies need to share whatever information they have, instead of waiting too long to craft the perfect message. And instead of using jargon and acronyms, it’s critical that the message is delivered in plain and understandable language. Lastly, managers at all levels need to be briefed on what and how to communicate to ensure that employees receive the key information.

Learning how to overcome challenging situations

At a certain point, every company will face difficulties that might lead to layoffs or bad publicity. Communicating bad news and handling challenging situations is a critical skill that managers must develop to overcome obstacles and ensure their businesses thrive well into the future.