Kinemetrics’ technology relies on sensors to evaluate earthquake damage on structures

The assessment of post-earthquake damage on buildings and other structures like bridges and highways is a complex process. After an earthquake hits, it can take several hours or even days until building inspection is performed. This can be stressful for people waiting to go back to their homes. This is where innovative technology enters the picture to make things easier.

Kinemetrics, a company that develops solutions for measuring seismic activity, created a sensor-based system for evaluating earthquake damage. Sensors are installed throughout a structure, at floor level or above ceiling tiles, to collect data about seismic activity, including intensity and duration. When an earthquake hits, the system estimates how much damage there is and where it’s most likely to have occured, saving time and money on inspection. If the seismic activity “was not significant enough to cause damage”, an accompanying smartphone app will notify the owners, “allowing occupants to avoid costly, stressful and time-consuming evacuations”.

Sensors are a game-changing technology for evaluating earthquake damage

Man-made structures aren’t immune to earthquakes. Even small seismic activity can create damage on buildings, highways, or bridges. To accurately predict and evaluate earthquake damage, professionals are turning to sensor technology, which collects valuable data and provides highly accurate predictions.