ISEA plans to develop standards for managing construction wearables data

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), says that there’s a need to define standards that will govern data produced by construction site wearables. Many companies in this industry already use a variety of devices that monitor workers’ heart rates, location, falls, and fatigue.

But data collection and management remains an unregulated area, which leaves critical pieces of information open to different interpretation and hacking. ISEA plans to start having discussions with construction companies on several areas of concern. For instance, who gets to see the data, what if the wearable gets hacked, and whether the information will be used to retain or fire workers are some of the questions that are set to be reviewed.

Improving the productivity, safety, and health of workers

Wearable devices are becoming a common sight at many construction sites, but their use remains a widely discussed issue. Data privacy is one of the concerns that need to be addressed, and so are lax cybersecurity measures that protect stored information. The new standards that ISEA plans to develop should solve these problems and ensure that wearables can improve the productivity, safety, and health of employees.