Google Maps now shows the location of nearest bike-sharing stations

Urban-dwellers need a convenient way to get around cities, which is why many of them are turning to bike-sharing. However, what can be frustrating is finding a place to return the bike. To make things easier, Google Maps now features bike-sharing locations in 24 cities across 16 countries.

To use the service, which has already been tested in New York, users are required to search Google Maps for a bike-sharing system, and the service will show the location of the nearest station. The same feature will also display how many bikes are available at that particular location. As Andrew Hyatt, Google Maps’ software engineer, explains, “Just like how we show you when buses and trains are coming and going in Google Maps, you’ll now know which bike-share stations have a bike ready for you.”

Bike-sharing services bring benefits to riders and entire cities

Bike-sharing programs have emerged in many cities across the world. Besides its environmental benefits, bike-sharing is also a more convenient way to move around urban areas. Since using bikes is a great way to avoid traffic jams, bike-sharing programs benefit not just riders, but also entire cities.