Google is training children to identify fake news online

Google’s Be Internet Awesome program, which was created to teach kids to use the internet safely, now has a new feature. As Futurism reveals, Google added six new media literacy activities to the Be Internet Awesome program. The goal is to help kids determine whether a source is credible and learn to differentiate fake news from real content. Kids will be trained to identify online fraud such as phishing and bots, and learn how to respond to them.

Children “today need a guide to the internet and media just as they need instruction on other topics,” notes educator Amy Mascott. As Mascott further explains, they need to learn “about credible sources, the power of words and images and more importantly, how to be smart and savvy when seeing different media while browsing the web”. And this is exactly what Google is trying to do.

Children growing up in the digital age could easily develop misconceptions about people and events due to fake news

Fake news, which spreads like wildfire, is everywhere. Today it’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify truthful information online. This is especially difficult for kids who are growing up in the digital age. Besides being taught how to behave online, children should learn how to spot fake news, which could prevent them from building misconceptions about other people and events.