Cyber criminals used the Notre Dame tragedy to defraud people

Cyber criminals used the tragic fire of Notre Dame to amplify their malicious efforts among emotionally charged social media users, says the cybersecurity firm ZeroFOX. Their end goal is to steal sensitive information and solicit payments, and to that end, they use various tactics.

Some lure users into clicking on fraudulent charity-related malicious links that infect their computers with malware. Other create pages that, although similar to legitimate fundraising sites, are fake and steal the payment credentials of people who want to donate their money. And to spread these links on social media, cyber criminals use bots on Twitter, create fake social media accounts of legitimate charities, send phishing emails, and promote fake news victim stories to pressure people to act fast.

Ensuring that only legitimate causes receive support

Criminals have always been preying on the willingness of people to help those in need, but the advent of digital technologies has enabled them to reach an ever-growing number of victims. That’s why it’s crucial that users, social media companies, and security firms stay vigilant and ensure that only legitimate organisations and causes are supported.