Automotive companies released a white paper featuring 12 guiding principles for self-driving car technology

According to a whitepaper titled “Safety First for Automated Driving”, autonomous cars need to meet twelve guiding principles before they’re considered safe. For instance, one of the principles refers to the vehicle’s behaviour in traffic and suggests that an autonomous car needs to behave according to traffic laws. It also needs to be able to communicate with the driver and recognise the driver’s state of alertness. In case the self-driving car detects an incident, it should be able to record relevant data without violating any data privacy laws.

The whitepaper, which involved 11 companies from the automotive and automated driving tech industries, such as Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen, also states that autonomous vehicles need to be protected from cybersecurity threats.

Will autonomous cars become mainstream anytime soon?

Autonomous cars are still in the early stages of development and testing. Before they become a mainstream technology, car manufacturers will need to pay more attention to the tech’s safety. It’s the only way they can change consumers’ attitudes towards self-driving tech.