Automation could lead to big job losses in rural regions

According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are set to displace a large number of workers in rural areas in the US. Coastal cities and tech hubs boast a highly skilled workforce that will benefit from new trends, but the low geographic mobility and disappearance of middle-wage jobs is set to devastate many countryside communities.

Managers will have to take these facts into account when devising training programs for employees. After all, companies will be the ones that will enable the workforce to learn and tackle the technological challenges of the future. But governments, non-profits, and educational organisations will also have to work with the private sector to alleviate labour market problems caused by automation.

The impact of AI and automation is still debated

While some claim that AI and automation will create more jobs than they’re bound to destroy, other HR experts disagree with this statement. But whether tech destroys or creates jobs, employees will still have to adapt and upskill to be able to handle new technologies and work environments.