A new service launched by Uber will provide riders with bigger and newer cars

The ridesharing service Uber is rolling out a new feature, called Uber Comfort. People who request a ride with Uber Comfort will get a bigger and newer car that’s no more than five years old. Cars that would be eligible for this service include vehicles such as the Dodge Durango, the Audi SQ7, and the Toyota Camry. Thanks to the new feature, riders can also demand that drivers adjust the car’s temperature to their liking, as well as ‘quiet time’, which means no conversation with the driver.

However, Uber Comfort does come at a cost. According to VentureBeat, the service can cost up to 40 per cent more than UberX. For instance, a ride with the basic Uber service costs $14.80, with UberX it’s $23.97, while with Uber Comfort a typical ride is worth $31.16. The service, which has already been tested, is being launched in cities across the US, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, and Chicago.

Ridesharing services are expected to gain more traction in the future

The ridesharing industry is gaining a lot of popularity among today’s commuters. To stay competitive and meet their customers’ needs, ridesharing companies are constantly releasing new services and features. Since ridesharing is still more economical and convenient for commuters, these services will gain even more traction in the future.