A new online directory called Alternatives to College will help students acquire new skills and find better jobs

The cost of traditional college education is preventing many students from starting their higher education journey. This issue inspired an investment firm called University Ventures and the platform developer WhatsBestForMe to join forces and release an online directory named Alternatives to College.

The directory contains data on over 200 boot camps, online courses, apprenticeships, and other alternatives to college education. Besides providing students with alternative educational pathways, the solution is also suitable for college graduates who want to acquire new skills. The goal is to provide both categories with easy access to information about college alternatives, helping them find better jobs. The information stored in the directory is versatile, and students can find courses in areas such as data science, hospitality, and sales. “These alternative pathways are for every single industry that’s digitizing in the next five to 10 years,” says University Venture’s vice president, Cassidy Leventhal.

Modern technology provides students with a wide array of choices

Traditional education hasn’t done much to prepare students for the future. In fact, many colleges don’t incorporate in-demand skills into their curriculum. As a result, students who graduate from college can find it difficult to find good jobs. At the same time, the average duration and cost of traditional college education are making potential students more hesitant to enrol. Technology offers a solution to both issues by providing students with a wide array of more affordable choices, which will certainly pay off in the job market.