5G-connected ambulances: moving towards the healthcare of the future

Road traffic and a bad internet connection can slow down ambulances on their way to a patient in need, or prevent medical staff from sending data to a medical centre or hospital. One of the smartest cities in Europe, Barcelona, is set to change this, testing out 5G-enabled ambulances.

The Catalan research centre teamed up with the Government of Catalonia and the Emergency Medical System of Catalonia (SEM) to roll out a 5G-enabled ambulance fitted with cutting-edge communication tools, allowing “remote medical support over a 5G network”. “Connected ambulances are vehicles equipped with multi-technology and advanced communication services,” says the government. “A slice or dedicated network [can] be used just for medical emergencies and care in order to guarantee the service and the capacity to communicate, regardless of the number of users in the same communications cell.”