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Frequently asked questions

The Trendforce.one subscription on the future of HRM provides a variety of services, which include a digital kick-off, newsletters, inspiring research, and practical summaries of the latest developments, along with slides to visualise the future. Content is brought to you in an HR trend portal with updates about statistics, predictions and case studies. There are also possibilities to add HR innovation ecosystems, webinars with Q&A’s and a personal future intelligence agents. We also conduct regular check-ins to ensure that the subscription continues to meet the needs of your organisation. This process happens online and digital, so we can serve you globally, fast and with the latest developments.
Daily there are many developments and our seasoned research team is scanning through thousands of sources and are in contact with HRM pioneers weekly. Our analysts and futurists create overviews with trends and their urgency that are being validated by a community of HR directors. Think about developments like future workforce, sourcing & searching, future workplace, Recruitment, IT and HRM management. Smart algorithms and the use of Artificial Intelligence systems help us to determine which trends and technologies are most valuable for your organisation based on a plethora of factors and priorities.
Absolutely! We acknowledge that each organisation has its unique needs and requirements. Hence, we offer an array of opportunities to tailor our subscription service to suit your organisation. We are able to prioritize specific trends like AI in recruitment, VR in onboarding, new leadership and many more. In addition to the topics, there is also possibilities to customize the media type of your insights. Whether you seek customised webinars, branded reports and online portals, personal intelligence agents, or access to specific ecosystems, we can collaborate with you to create a subscription package that aligns with your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Trendforce.one, founded by Richard van Hooijdonk, a futurist with chip implants, renowned keynote speaker, and leading authority on HRM trends and advanced technology, has globally inspired more than 600,000 individuals, including many HR managers. His numerous conversations with HR leaders worldwide led to the creation of a subscription focused on the future of HRM. Over time, the team has evolved into an experienced international future intelligence unit, consisting of talented spotters tracking the latest developments, analysts sifting through massive amounts of data to identify future-shaping trends, and futurists guiding innovative initiatives. These insights are then distilled by our content creation team into an actionable and valuable content package, ensuring accurate and up-to-date forecasts.

We offer a basic package starting from €650,- per month with content insights including summaries per quarter, connected slides with inspiring stories and trends per quarter, bi-weekly relevant newsletters, and a digital kick-off at the start. In addition to our basic packages, there are also various customisation options to cater to your organisation’s specific needs. To determine the best fit and provide accurate pricing details, we recommend scheduling a session with our expert team. In this session, we will gather detailed information about your organisation’s needs and objectives, which will enable us to provide a tailored subscription plan and pricing details.

To discuss the possibilities for your organisation, schedule a session with our experts here. You can also chat with us on this page, call us on +31617012094 or reach out to levy.hofman@trendforce.one for more information.

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