Retail is riding a new wave of change with ongoing innovation

A man wearing an apron and a face mask sitting on the counter in a coffee shop

The pandemic’s impact on retail Remarkable innovations in challenging times Visions and predictions for the retail sector Closing thoughts Even through the adversity of the pandemic, the retail sector remains remarkably resilient. And with many countries across the globe entering what looks like the start of a post-pandemic phase, retail has started reopening, focusing on […]

Immersive retail: future-focused businesses turn to AR to enhance the shopping experience

Vrouw met lang bruin haar en een blauwe jurk staat in een kledingzaak en tikt een virtuele passpiegel aan

Try before you buy Augmented reality offers a new way to shop Creating a stronger emotional connection with consumers through AR How AR technology can transform the shopping experience Augmented reality technology has advanced considerably in recent years, finding useful new applications in a wide variety of industries, including gaming, education, real estate, construction, healthcare, […]

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