Noordhoff is an influential publisher within the Dutch vocational education landscape.

As part of European infinitas learning, significant steps are being taken in terms of educational innovation – which is desperately needed. We want our children to learn for tomorrow’s jobs and the responsibility lies with the education sector. Noordhoff has asked Trendforce to support its thought leadership approach and inspire the organisation and its customers and prospects about the future of education.

In response to this request, Trendforce has developed e-books, animations and videos on topics like gamification and adaptive learning, and provided research and articles on many current education trends. We also delivered a series of masterclasses on the future of education.

Ongoing research for global portal for the future of secondary education

We also analyse case studies and experiments of organisations in your sector or field of expertise. These provide insight into the way in which organisations deal with innovation.

We can learn from the successes and failures of others. This saves unnecessary costs and enables you to change more rapidly.

We speak with specialists and scientists from all over the world and analyse many publications, case studies, and innovations. We enrich our findings with context and incorporate them into articles, reports, presentations, animations, videos, and e-learning material. We have already produced more than 1.000 publications.

Trendwatcher & futurist Richard van Hooijdonk

Weekly trend updates and predictions for over 10 sectors.

Trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk is an authority on the emergence of new technologies, and to date, over 550.000 people in more than 35 countries have already attended his renowned keynotes.

The research for his keynotes is conducted by, and for each sector keynote, the Trendforce team has been providing weekly updates since 2014.

The more than 1.500 trend articles, over 40 e-books, and many videos Van Hooijdonk has published are also based on the trend research and analyses done by the Trendforce team.


Analysis of trends and important developments pertaining to the future of work

Atos is a French multinational IT service and consulting company headquartered in Bezons, France, with more than 50 offices worldwide. One of Atos’ focus areas is the office of the future. Especially as a result of COVID-19, the way people work has undergone significant changes. New technology provides new opportunities to work more efficiently, but also contributes to a healthier work environment and sustainable employability.

The Trendforce team conducted extensive research and held interviews with specialists from all over the world. We incorporated our findings and predictions in e-books, whitepapers and various presentations and workshops for Atos. The inspiring research material was also used for discussions with Atos customers and prospects.


Providing presentations and masterclasses about the future of construction and an inspiring update for the internal organisation

BAM is a Dutch construction services business and one of the largest construction companies in Europe. BAM builds cities, buildings, roads, and water projects, and carries out the maintenance for many well-known buildings and complexes.

For internal presentations and business development, BAM asked to research technological developments that have an impact on Royal BAM and will continue to have an impact on the company in the future.

We packaged the results of the research in an inspirational presentation, and to support BAM management, we provided several master classes to enhance and elaborate on the research findings.


Editorial future predictions for television programmes RTL Late Night, RTL Boulevard, and SBS Show News

News and television programme editors are always looking for interesting Dutch current affairs and compelling content. Our CEO, Richard van Hooijdonk, is a regular guest on these programmes to talk about his visions of the future.

The research for these items is carried out by the research team, and forms the basis on which the news items and current affairs featuring in these programmes are put together.